How do I get started?

1. First sign up for a free account.
2. Create a website campaign (Add a site to the system).
3. After your site is reviewed and approved, edit your web pages and insert the html code.
4. Add some credits to your campaign using 'manage credits' in campaigns page, to start receiving traffic fast.
5. Finished, now you will start earning traffic to your site. Dont forget to use your referal link to earn even more traffic to your websites.

How much traffic will I receive?

For every 2 visitors to your site you get another visitor. This is real visitors not just banner impressions, meaning a 50% guaranteed traffic increase to your website. Our Referral Program also gives you the opportunity to receive credits for use in your campaigns for every new user you refer to our traffic exchange. Meaning that you can receive almost unlimited traffic to your websites.

What are the benefits of becoming a free member ?

  • Multiple website campaigns under the same account.
  • Target your campaigns, select from 60 categories.
  • Many different exchange types : banner (image, flash, text), popup, popunder, exit, startpage.
  • Detailed real-time statistics.
  • You can limit the hits to each of your sites.
  • You can transfer credits between your campaigns (websites) and store credits for using later.
  • Unique visitors are counted for each of your sites. Don't waste many credits for the same visitors.
  • Referral program. Earn credits for every new member you refer.
  • Add great content to your websites (search box, top, surf categories, ...) and also receive credits when visitors use this.

How do I become an advertiser ?

Buy credits from member area and automatically become an advertiser.

What are the benefits of becoming an advertiser ?

  • Bid on keywords for the ppc search engine and the advertiser site top listings.
  • Send paid emails to members. Target all/trusted/advertisers/free members. Set custom extra email payment.
  • Request trusted status. Transfer credits to other accounts, if enabled.

What is the difference between hits and impressions/previews ?

The impressions/previews is the total number of visitors that see the site/banner ad. The hits represents the number of unique visitors that visit your site in a 24 hours timeframe.
If somebody sees the site 5 times in 24 hours, 1 hit and 5 impressions will be counted. If he comes back the next day, another hit will be counted.

How can I manage my credits ?

Just click on the [manage credits] link in member area.
You can manage credits for your profile and transfer earned/bought credits to your campaigns. Also you can store credits for some time and then to use them.
To place credits to your profile basket from some of the campaigns click Store button, and to transfer credits from basket to some of your campaigns click Add button.
If credits reserved to a campaign drop below 0, that campaign will receive no traffic until credits are raised again above 0.
Trusted members can transfer credits to other member accounts. Usually, only important, well known advertisers will receive this status, on request. Contact admin to find out more about the trusted status.

How can I target my audience ?

The knowledge you have about the visitors most interested in what you offer is powerful, and works to your advantage with traffic exchange. Only visitors interested in your website's content are worth advertising to, and give you the successful results you're looking for. This makes any knowledge about the visitors most interested in your website's content extremely valuable to the success of your advertising campaign. Through different categories and by underlining specific keywords, you can target your ad exposures within a specific audience, and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

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